Ambulance - a vehicle specially equipped for taking sick or injured people to and from the hospital, especially in emergencies.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) - is a set of life saving protocols and skills that extend basic life support to further the circulation and provide an open airway and adequate ventilation (breathing). (advanced level of emergency care they administer using invasive life saving procedures, including intravenous (IV) infusions, tracheal intubation, medication administration and electrocardiogram interpretation.)

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) - An automatic device for the defibrillation of patients suffering from a convertible heart rhythm.

Basic Life Support (BLS) - is a level of medical care which is used for victims of life-threatening illnesses or injuries until they can be given full medical care by advanced life support providers. It can be provided by trained medical personnel, such as EMTs and first responders.

Certified First Responder (CFR) - a person who has completed a course and received certification in providing pre-hospital care for medical emergencies.

Certificate of Need (CON) - Certificate of Need (CON) laws are state regulatory mechanisms for establishing or expanding health care facilities and services in a given area. In a state with a CON program, a state health planning agency must approve major capital expenditures for certain health care facilities. CON programs aim to control health care costs by restricting duplicative services and determining whether new capital expenditures meet a community need.

First Responder - a person with specialized training who is among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency

Fly Car - a non-transporting EMS vehicle that responds to and provides emergency medical services without the ability to transport patients

Paramedic - a health care professional whose primary role is to provide advanced emergency medical care for critical and emergent patients who access the emergency medical system.

AED - Automated External Defibrillator

ALS - Advanced Life Support

BLS - Basic Life Support

CON - Certificate of Need

EMS - Emergency Medical Services

EMT - Emergency Medical Technician